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Alla Yoga & Holistic Therapies

I believe in Oneness of All expressed through compassion and tolerance towards others as well as through self-acceptance and trust helping us to let go of limitations and freely express creativity from the Heart.

Alla Yoga South london


The word Yoga means Union in Sanskrit. Yoga is not just for flexibility, it is for self-acceptance and re-alignment with our true core of inner Light that everyone has. Through yoga practice it is natural to restore the feeling of peace and union with our true hearts, no wonder people have been practicing it since times immemorial!
All @ Yoga is for All, not just for those who can touch their toes!

Alla Yoga Massage London


Massage and Energy Healing go together well; through massage our bodies are able to let go of all sorts of unresolved tensions that get stored in the muscles and tissues.
Then energy healing helps to clear these tensions away and sink deeper into relaxation.
In acheiving this state of wellbeing we are able to go beyond the physical in order to nurture and transform on other levels.

Alla Yoga Alternate Therapies

Holistic Therapies

My holistic therapies sessions often include a blend of techniques that are agreed with my clients beforehand.
I have been trained up to Master Practitioner level in Reiki and Karuna Reiki and have been perfecting my Shamanic Healing skills taught to me by practicing shamans Jay and Kestrel Oakwood from Bridget Healing Centre based in Glastonbury, Somerset.
Healing therapies are my passion.

Client Testimonials:

"Alla is very intuitive when carrying out massage therapy & I found that she was able to help me unblock a lot of pent up emotions  that I needed to acknowledge and work with. I felt at ease with her & she made me feel and remember that it is okay to feel vulnerable - a true gift in itself. I thank her & highly recommend her sessions."

"I went to see Alla for a Holistic Massage as I had been under a lot of personal & work related stress.
I found Alla to be an exceptionally warm & friendly person. She took her time & I really felt my body relax for the first time in months.
I would recommend Alla highly to anyone & shall definitely be making a return visit myself!"

"I have been going to Alla’s yoga classes for a couple of years now and I have to say that it is my absolute favourite time of the week.
They are the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life. Fantastic for the mind, body and soul.

I can’t recommend Alla or her classes highly enough.
Thanks Alla!"

Alla Yoga Gift Voucher

Share the gift of yoga and holistic therapies. Click the image to open the gift voucher full size and give a healing gift to a freind of family memeber.

"Your Heart is the size of an ocean, Go find the gem hidden in your depths!
Your open mouth cries like a seashell: That heart is too small for me!
The Heart contains the whole universe, How could it be too small for you?"