Alla enjoys blending various massage techniques to achieve the best results in accordance with each client's individual preferences

Holistic massage can be as gentle or as strong as the client requires.
It can be delivered as the whole body or on particular areas of tension. Massage mediums such as massage wax or natural oils are used in moderation. The massage is delivered with full respect of the client’s privacy and observances of modesty. The client would be asked to specify whether they would like to add Energy Healing during or after the treatment to complement the holistic effects of the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage aims to release and relieve tension throughout the muscular and fascial network.
The application of massage strokes are performed in a slow deliberate manner working with the limits of the clients pain threshold and reducing the buildup of fibrotic tissue, working to reduce and ultimately eliminate previously accumulated scar tissue realigning collagen fibres in the process.

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Clients often fear that Deep Tissue Massage might be painful. “Deep” is NOT the same as “hard” The client should feel good, combined with positive physiological changes, a reduction in pain or dysfunction.
There may be occasions where justified discomfort is the case, yet this will be as means to working towards the bigger picture of accelerated healing, breaking fibrous adhesions and improving circulation, contributing to the well being of the client.

Total: Fever, cancer, bleeding disorders, contagious diseases, skin diseases, recent operations, nerve inflammation, diabetes, under influence of drugs/alcohol
Local: Varicose veins, undiagnosed lumps, open wounds, acute soft tissue inflammation, pregnancy, burns including sunburn.

Treatments need to be pre-booked in advance and are offered in a dedicated therapies room. If needed Alla could also travel to you with a portable therapies couch or a professional massage chair. Please contact Alla to agree suitable times and options.

I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher, I also offer a blend of Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage enhanced by Reiki and Karuna Reiki energy healing and Shamanic healing techniques.
I am Fully CRB Checked.

Client Testimonials:

"Having a massage with Alla is always a wonderful experience. She takes the time to ground me and find out who I am and what I need. The massage itself and forms of therapy I receive are amazing. She is now my regular go to person for massage and spiritual englightenment. I feel so grateful to have found her and can't wait for my next session."

"I went to see Alla for a Holistic Massage as I had been under a lot of personal & work related stress.
I found Alla to be an exceptionally warm &friendly person. She took her time and I really felt my body relax for the first time in months. I would recommend Alla highly to anyone and shall definitely be making a return visit myself!"

"Alla's massages are divine, tailored to your specific issues and needs. I also love coming to Alla's Yoga class. I travel specifically to this class because its laid back, fun, full of knowledge, friendliness and warmth. If you're new or you need help its always available, if your injured (which I have been for sometime) you're never pushed to overdo it."