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Alla Yoga

The word Yoga means Union in Sanskrit. Yoga is not just for flexibility, it is for self-acceptance and re-alignment with our true core of inner Light that everyone has.
Through yoga practice it is natural to restore the feeling of peace and union with our true hearts, no wonder people have been practicing it since times immemorial!

All @ Yoga is for All, not just for those who can touch their toes!

Alla Yoga Services London
Alla Yoga Cofffe Circle

Join me at Alla's Café Yoga Circle @ Jaconelli's Espresso Bar in Whyteleafe, CR6 9TH.
(click for Google Maps link).

Every Sunday at 10.15am.

Contact Alla now to tell her you're interested:

I enjoy sharing yoga in a circle. I welcome people of mixed abilities and try to modify the asanas whenever needed to suit one’s individual needs. My yoga sessions are often filled with laughter and are quite informal helping people feel at ease and enjoy.
It is OK to be oneself - I am far from perfect, but when I get to yoga I try to let go of limiting beliefs and self-criticism and give it my best.

I am what I am and it is a challenging, but rewarding journey to share my inner Light with people through yoga. When the differences have been melted away after a nice practice together I love hearing the tide of people’s breathing during relaxation, when the Breath of Life is all that matters at that very moment, pulsating in and out in ripples of peace.
How did I find Yoga or How did Yoga find me? I discovered yoga practice quite early in life in my teenage years and this is when yoga truly set me off flying high. Sadly flying high did not last for too long replaced by bumpy reality checks and life changes.
I returned to regular yoga and meditation practice when I was privileged to carry my daughter who was already my great teacher even before she was born.

Alla Yoga Meditation London
In 2013 I completed Anusara Yoga Teacher Training at Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga and I am very grateful to Bridget for her refined art of creating safe environment where people can experience the joy of getting together and opening their Hearts to the greater Whole.         

Client Testimonials:

"I loved my yoga classes that I attended with Alla!
She is a great teacher and has helped me to relax and breathe and release any tension I may have had.
I would definitely recommend Alla's classes!!"

"I love coming to Alla's Yoga class. I travel specifically to this class because its laid back, fun, full of knowledge, friendliness and warmth. If you're new or you need help its always available, if your injured you're never pushed to overdo it."

"I've been going to Alla’s yoga classes for a couple of years now and it is my absolute favourite time of the week.
They are the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life. Fantastic for the mind, body and soul.

 I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher, I also offer a blend of Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage enhanced by Reiki and Karuna Reiki energy healing and Shamanic healing techniques.
I am Fully CRB Checked.